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3 Back to School Educational Style Toys

A new school year is upon us and with this pandemic a lot of parents are opting to teach their children from home. While kids have had a full summer's worth of fun in the sun, now it's time to wake up their brains and prep them for a fun year of learning!

We all know how hard it is to get kids to do their homework, but it's really easy to get them to play with toys. We wanted to share some of our best educational style toys that can be a great tool to facilitate teaching at home and that are part of the curriculum.

1. Numbers Matching Set

When it's time for math, our wooden math set is a fun, hands-on educational tool. Children can learn and practice matching, sorting and counting, as well as practice everything from simple addition to basic multiplication and division. This set comes with 30 wooden discs along with a cute fabric bag to keep them all together.

2. Wooden Puzzles

Next on the list are puzzles. We have a great variety of puzzles available for your littles ones. Some of our favorite puzzles at home are the T-Rex and the Gorilla puzzle.

Did you know that some of the benefits of playing with puzzles are hand eye coordination, memory, problem solving skills, fine motor ability, and language skills!?

3. Wooden figures, basic colors and shapes bilingual set.

As it turns out colors and shapes are a key way to describe and categorize our world. This educational sensorial learning activity is ideal for developing fine motor skills as well as verbal communication as children explore colors and shape recognition.

And how can I forget about our adorable, interactive matching animals bilingual sets?!

We currently have 3 sets available: Our Farm, Safari and Dinosaur sets. Your little ones will be able to improve language, concentration and memory as they match the wooden figures with the corresponding bilingual cards. But it doesn't stop there my little one loves to stack them and/or use the wooden animal figures to trace them on a piece of paper and color them.

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