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Hi! My name is Amalfi owner and founder of KASPI LAND. I'm from the Dominican Republic. I have a little girl named Maila and we call Florida home.

Kaspi was an idea we had during a family trip down to Ecuador in February of 2019 after seeing how talented our family down there are, we had to come up with some ideas to help them export their talent and at the same time help them to overcome some economic hardships.  It started with a vision to create a business that would help create simplistic wooden based toys for children that foster imagination, learning and are ETHICALLY made.

Our hope is our collection of toys, can spark that imagination and bring the entire family together. We want to bring children back to the simple act of play.

'Kaspi is a word that derives from the indigenous Ecuadorian people and their native tongue quechua which means wood or wooden.

Our toys are made with love by talented Ecuadorian hands with your little ones in mind as they are eco-friendly, natural, bilingual and educational toys that need zero batteries to function, but encourage imaginative, purposeful fun play!



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