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  • Montessori and Waldorf wooden rainbow stacker toy!  Stacker is an amazing open ended toy that's great for kids of all ages.


    It is different from the typical puzzle, because it is an open ended toy. There are thousands of ways to stack it and play with it. It can be used to practice balancing skills, or designing patterns, but is great to incorporate into open ended pretend play.


    ★ Creativity: Arches can be used as tunnels, little houses, or rocking chairs. Let the kids' imagination guide them!


    ★ Great gifts for kids: Our wooden stacking toys are suitable for kids of all ages.

     A great gift for birthdays, holidays, and rewards.


    ★ Decoration: It is not only a learning toy, but also a great decoration in the nursery and playroom.


    ★ Environmental friendly: Unlike plastic toys which are harmful for our planet, the wood used is from a sustainable source.


    Pick from: 


    A cat, Dog our Mouse topper head. 



    Cat Puzzle:

    - 5 pcs Rainbow size: 22 x 13 x 2 cm


    Dog Puzzle:

    - 5 pcs Rainbow size: 24 x 12.5 x 2 cm


    Mouse Puzzle:

    - 5 pcs Rainbow size: 24 x 12.5 x 2 cm



    ROYG- Red- Orange- Yellow- Green

    GBIV -Green- Blue- Indigo-Violet 

    Sweet Brown

    Natural Wood


    ***Please note: the stackers are hand painted by water based paint, therefore, there might be some visible wood textures.


    All toys are handmade and may be made from a different piece of wood as shown, but all of them look very similar.

    Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toy

    SKU: 106393683136

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